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Optical Edge Detection added to Deva 037 USB Encoder Interface

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May 2016

The Deva 037 3 axis USB Encoder Interface is our newly released, dual input optical edge detector system. Read more


December 2015

Delcam PowerINSPECT now fully supported by Deva 64bit CMM software

July 2015

Software updates now available for Deva 028, 031, 036 and 037 products.

The Deva 036 CMM Vision Probe is fully compatible with the ACR3 auto-change rack and PH10/PH6M probe heads....read more

Deva releases 004 PCIE Stepper Motor Controller... contact sales@deva.co.uk for more information

May 2015

CMM I++ Server available.....contact sales@deva.co.uk for more information

January 2015

RationalDMIS 5.8 due for release in April 2015 will support the Deva 036 CMM Vision Probe.

Nikon CMM Manager 3.5 scheduled for release in April 2015 will support Deva 036 CMM Vision Probe.








Deva 001 Absolute SSI Encoder Interface helps BAS scientists measure Ozone Hole

A Deva 001 Absolute SSI Encoder Interface card is allowing BAS scientists to read and record stratospheric ozone concentrations in Antarctica. An absolute rotary encoder mounted on a Dobson ozone spectrophotometer sends data back to the Deva 001 SSI card housed inside the PC. Read more>>>>


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