The Deva 036 is full software compatible with other Deva vision products such as the Deva 028 image sensor and Deva 022 USB light ring.

The Deva 036 is fully supported by Aberlink 3D, Axel Vision, AAT Capps 'n' Edges, Open DMIS, Nikon CMM Manager and Rational Vue.


  • 3 mega-pixel colour sensor
  • 16 white LED light ring
  • 50mm optics standart
  • 5 micron pixels
  • 110 mmworking distance
  • Autojoint, TKJ compatible
  • High Speed USB 2.0
  • Full autochange cabability, optional
  • Autofocus with Deva CMM Controller
  • Compatible with Deva vision products
  • Custom application software functions
  • Software extendable user interface