Feedback of the machine status is clearly depicted through the use of colour graphics on the high resolution touchscreen.

Touching the screen provides access to an unlimited set of functions allowing access to machine operation and CAD software features.

The Deva 031 is offered alongside the Deva 004 PCI CMM Controller and the Deva 030 Servo Amplifier as part of the CMMSYSTEMPACK


  • 3 axis hall effect joystick
  • Two function buttons
  • Speedwheel for feedrate control
  • High resolution colour touchscreen
  • Easy to use graphic interface
  • Hardwired emergency stop button
  • Built in speaker for audio feedback
  • Left and right handed operation
  • Probehead index control
  • 3m CAT5 cable easily extendable
  • Remote operation of Windows PC
  • Custom application software functions
  • Software extendable user interface

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