Deva is pleased to announce the successful implementation of an I++ server for it’s popular Deva 004 PCI CMM controller.  Developed and tested to I++ DME version 1.4.1 the server is based on the proven Deva CMM software component.

In collaboration with a leading CMM software company, Deva recently carried out tests that proved a coordinate measuring machine in the UK could be controlled and successfully measure an object from an I++ client in Switzerland.  Deva is continuing to talk to other software vendors to enable further testing and development.

I++ DME provides a common machine interface that, when used with DME-compliant CMMs, ensures that all CMMs behave the same way with any I++ DME compliant software and offers clear benefits to both customers and suppliers.

Driven largely by European automakers, the I++ DME standard is taking a strong hold and looks set to become the machine interface standard of choice.

Deva aims to remain at the forefront of this emerging technology by continuing to develop and implement characteristics and features of the I++ DME standard in accordance with NIST and other I++ DME Implementers.

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