We currently offer a LabVIEW LLB that is compatible with LabVIEW 5, but we understand that later versions of LabVIEW are no longer able to convert this to a compatible format. 

It is therefore necessary to call our library directly using the LabVIEW "Call Library" function. Our original LLB uses this method and is just a simple wrapper for the four functions (open_encoder, read_encoder, write_encoder, close_encoder)  contained in the Win32 compatible dll. This dll is of the type that most application development tools are able to access. You can download all software and documentation for the card from the product page on our website.

However, if you have been running with LabVIEW 8, it is possible that our earlier 5 drivers have been upgraded by LabVIEW itself at an earlier date. If this is the case, I would have thought that the latest LabVIEW would also provide an upgrade facility from 8 as with earlier versions.