From its humble beginnings in 1989, Deva Electronic Controls Ltd. has grown to be one of the World's leading providers of motion control and measurement solutions.

It all started when two Liverpool University graduates were invited to a small private electronics company on the Wirral, to provide software and hardware development work alongside three working partners.

A small work room was built within the company for the graduates and Deva was born! 

Working with esteemed clients such as British Aerospace and Rolls Royce, the graduates provided custom machine tool software solutions and hardware projects for the corporate giants Shell Research and Unilever.

Within 2-3 years, the Deva team of two, broke away, moving to new premises in Birkenhead, Wirral to continue working on an already busy project order book, taking on only one other employee to manage the company accounts.

A project for Unilever was the catalyst for the first of the Deva product range.  The Deva 001 Encoder Interface Card was created in 1991.  This later became a successful member of the CMM product range still on the shelf today.

During this time, a huge consultancy program was underway for a digital communication company based in California, which involved rolling out a digital TV project across the North West.  Due to a large proportion of the Managing Director's time and expertise dedicated to this project, another development engineer was employed at the company.

Busy times continued and a trip to MACH in 1992, led to a meeting with a leading CMM manufacturer.  It became apparent to Deva that the 001 Encoder Interface card would be a perfect solution for the manual CMM market if they could incorporate a probe input.  Having developed a manual CMM measuring solution successfully, the Deva team quickly moved on to developing the Deva 004 CMM Controller for automatic CMMs.  The journey continued into the CMM market, with Deva adding USB lighting and vision products to support the expanding market of multi sensor machines.

A change in PC technology meant that a redesign of the original ISA bus products was required. So Deva set about steering the product range over to PCI bus, with the dedication of an experienced development team.  Later, to support the ever changing market demands, it was recognised that PCI Express was now proving to be the choice of many, due to new PCs having less PCI slots available.  PCI Express was implemented across the popular Deva PCI products and has proven to be a great success.

A small family run business, Deva puts its success and stability down to the continuous support of its products from MSDOS through to Windows 10, offering complete compatibility and customer upgrade/replacements, along with the development of new products in line with market demands and of course, the loyalty of their staff, customers and partners over the past 30 years. 

Despite its size, Deva has managed to sell successfully throughout the globe and in 2017 partnered with a CMM software company to handle sales and distribution in Asia. 

Moving with the times, Deva improved and upgraded the company website including an online shop to assist with product purchases for their overseas customers and embraced all platforms of social media with regular updates.

So what's on the horizon for Deva?  "To continue with new product development releases and technology updates, along with a move to new, bigger premises and an increase in our workforce. Our ongoing success during these uncertain economic times, will depend on retaining the trust of our customers and the dedication of our employees" says Simon Moruzzi, Managing Director.