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Deva 001 Absolute SSI Encoder Interface helps BAS scientists measure Ozone Hole

A Deva 001 Absolute SSI Encoder Interface card is allowing BAS scientists to read and record stratospheric ozone concentrations in Antarctica.  An absolute rotary encoder mounted on a Dobson ozone spectrophotometer sends data back to the Deva 001 SSI card housed inside the PC.  

Posted on 12th April 2016

Tags: SSI Encoder

Optical Edge Detector Input

The Deva037 incorporates a dual input optical edge detector system. Encoder positions can be latched when the optical level present at the signal input crosses a pre-programmed threshold. Furthermore the reference input can be used improve the signal quality by receiving light from the illumination...

Posted on 24th February 2016

Tags: Optical Encoder Edge detector