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Deva continues to support CMM Market

Deva CMM solutions continue to thrive in the marketplace with further support for popular metrology software packages being added all the time.

Posted on 25th November 2019

Tags: Mitutoyo PCDMIS Hexagon cmm MCOSMOS

Non contact Vision system for CMMs

An all in one complete solution from Deva Electronics with a high resolution image sensor, compact optics and flexible LED lighting offers improved measurements and efficiency from your CMM.

Posted on 5th October 2016

Tags: vision cmm non contact

Deva 004 CMM Controller now supports TesaStar-M motorized probe head​

Motorized indexing heads give DCC machines the added capability of probe reorientation, allowing the probe to inspect features at the optimum angle, considering access requirements and probing best practice. Motorized indexing heads can be mounted to a variety of different sized bridge or horizontal...

Posted on 17th November 2011

Tags: cmm DCC TesaStar